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Cyquator's Shared Messaging solution gives every individual a high performance mailing solution. Mails can be accessed either by POP or through Webmail from any part of the world with total ease. Popular E-mail clients can be used to retrieve mails just as easily as you could access through your Webmail with even a Dial up Internet access. People on the move need not worry about not being able to access an important mail just because you're not in the office, or if you're out of town.

Features :

    · Access mails via front end like Webmail and POP3 protocol
    · Add personal Signatures
    · Save drafts to send later
    · Store sent and received mail
    · Spell Check option
    · Mail receipt options for your emails
    · Send and receive attachments
    · Send and receive HTML messages
    · Import / Export personal address book to Webmail
    · Set Vacation or Mail reply messages
    · Search mail in folders
    · Keep track of appointments with Calendar
    · Web Admin Interface module enables the administrator to - Create / Delete / Modify User Profiles
    · Allocate Disk Space to Individual Users
    · Manage Aliases, Forwards, Mailing Lists, Store & Forwards
    · Keep track of mail space with user mail space usage reports

Advantages :

Redundant Qmail server(s) on Red Hat LINUX with integrated web mail - inherently secure faster and reliable.
The servers are Load Balanced so in case of one server failing the other server takes the load of both servers until the first server is brought up.
    · LDAP based authentication
    · Load balanced servers behind firewall
    · Anti-virus check on all incoming mails and attachments
    · Anytime anywhere Web based Administration for easy access
    · Maximum Uptime 24 * 7 monitoring of Mail servers
    · 24 * 7 Helpdesk support.
    · Convenient and cost effective e-mail solutions
    · Immediate Provisioning
    · Proactive maintenance through threshold monitoring of critical system parameters e.g. storage disk       utilization of 80%, CPU utilization of 75% and mail traffic bandwidth utilization of 60%

Messaging Solutions

 >> Shared Messaging
    . Dedicated Messaging
    . Fall Back Relay Services
    . Anti-Spam Services

Cyquator Provides a IPortalview to all dedicated customer from which they can view live status their servers and services.

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