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A load balanced and managed firewall ensures the highest level of security for an enterprise network perimeter and becomes a foundation to security solution. Cyquator's 24 * 7 firewall monitoring ensures that your data is secure and protected round the clock.

The moment an alarm is triggered the Network Security engineer's work proactively to determine the cause and aim to ensure that none of your valuable data is exposed.

Cisco PIX Firewall :

Cyquator Cisco PIX Firewall forms the core of a robust, Hardware firewall solution.
Access - lists are configured in the Gateway routers denying common vulnerable traffic e.g. DOS attacks. Periodic audits are conducted on CTL's Infrastructure servers by the CTL's Network Security Team.

Cyquator will implement and configure CISCO Secure PIX 520 firewall for the IP's required by the client. Client will be assigned a port on the firewall that will be configured as per the security Policy defined by Client. It is essential that the client draws up a " restriction list " for the server, which will serve as a base document to define the Firewall Policy. CTL's tech team along with the client can refine and arrive at the final policy.

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Cyquator Provides a IPortalview to all dedicated customer from which they can view live status their servers and services.

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