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Cyquator will work with the customer to recommend a solution based on their requirements. The recommendation may require additional network equipment and network services. There are many different options when considering dedicated connectivity. Having many options usually means complexity, where understanding the choices is sometimes difficult. Cyquator complements its Managed Hosting services with bandwidth provisioning to provide a one-stop shop for all your requirements. Our Bandwidth services provide you with fast, solid, reliable, uninterrupted and quality Internet connectivity to access not only to your servers at Cyquator Data Center but also the Internet.

Cyquator provides high uptimes by offering complete redundancy at all the levels viz. networking equipment, fibre connectivity and peering with multiple ISPs. Presently we have multiple peering with Major Bandwidth providers thus extending our peering connectivity and increasing the bandwidth capacity to 100 Mbps. Cyquator ensures optimum performance and high throughputs by continuously upgrading the backbone connectivity.

You have the option to connect to Cyquator using the following modes of connectivity:

    · ISDN - dedicated ports with options of 64Kbps/128Kbps
    · Leased lines - speeds ranging from 64Kbps to 2Mbps and above
    · Uninterrupted Connectivity - via Fiber, Copper or RF.

With Cyquator, you'll have expert technicians working to ensure the simplest, most trouble-free connection and the highest performance possible to keep your Internet connectivity at its best.

Managed Services

    . Firewall Services
    . Backup & Storage Services
    . Monitoring Packages
    . Load Balancing Services
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Cyquator Provides a IPortalview to all dedicated customer from which they can view live status their servers and services.

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