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Maintaining ever Increasing data has become very critical and a major concern to organizations. In addition to hosting CTL recommends the right backup strategy as per the business needs. CTL's reliable and advanced backup and restore service provides an enterprise - class solution to large and small companies that need to protect their mission - critical data. CTL offers multiple options on backup depending on the criticality of data and the recovery time.

Automated Backup on DLT Drive
CTL provides backup solutions using Veritas Netbackup and the Quantum ATL Robotic Tape Library Storage System. CTL's Automated Backup supports file systems, databases (Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, DB2 and Sybase), and applications.

To enable automated backup CTL will install Veritas backup agent on the client server [Data of Server to be Backed up]. The backup will happen online and the data will be available on DLT. Client can specify the desired frequency of backup.

    · Full Backup - A full backup usually includes all of the system and data files contained on the system drive

    · Incremental Backup - With incremental backup, the operation includes only those files changed since the        last full or incremental backup. Incremental backups take less time to perform because of the reduced          amount of data being written to the target device.

Backup using DAT Drive
One of the cost effective backup services is to use DAT drives. Medium - level enterprises that have modest backup windows and budgets are ideally suited for DAT backups. CTL will install a DAT Drive and using the native windows NTbackup backup will be taken on tapes and run a script on the client server in case of linux / Unix. The back up frequency can be scheduled as desired and the Tapes can be dispatched to client's specified destination as and on need basis.

Storage and Backup using software
CTL Backup services provide a secure online data backup service for offsite storage of your important system files. The backup schedule can be set for incremental or full. This backup solution uses the latest techniques and typically only requires 10.4% of the actual daily backup volume transferred to our backup server leading to significant savings over other service providers. The Backup service also aids significantly in recovery after a disaster such as fire or flooding, since your data can be restored without special equipment to any location quickly. Large data recovery volumes can be transferred to CD, DAT tapes or HDD and couriered anywhere in the world.

    · Does not require Zip, CD or Tape drive
    · No backup media required.
    · Suitable for servers of all types
    · Greater security using industry standard encryption
    · More reliable than manual backup
    · Quickly locate and restore previous versions
    · Off-site storage protects against fire, flood and theft
    · Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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